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My name is Andrea, and I started this website to help you learn how to write apps in Flutter.

Why Flutter?

I think Flutter is the future of mobile app development. You can use it to build native apps in record time, and share your codebase between iOS and Android.

Just getting started with Flutter? Want to get more experience by building real apps? Then you've come to the right place. I teach by showing the code step by step, and explaining the design decisions behind it.

By the way, Flutter is fun to use! Watch my videos and read my blog to find out more.

Featured videos

Flutter & Firebase: Login

In this six-part series, I show how to create an email sign in and registration form with Flutter. This is then used to authenticate with Firebase. Finally, I show how to create a full login/logout flow.

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Flutter Layouts Part 1

In this video I show a demo app that I've made to explain how to build layouts in Flutter.
Included: Row / Column, Baseline, Stack, Expanded, Padding

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Flutter Layouts Part 2

This is a follow up video on how to build layouts with scrollable widgets in Flutter.
Included: PageView, ListView, GridView, Slivers, CustomScrollView

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Flutter State Management

In this video I compare the various state management techniques that are common in Flutter.

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Scoped Access with Inherited Widget

In this video I show how to use InheritedWidget to provide scoped access to dependencies within a widget tree.

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Flutter: Add Unit Tests to Your App

In this video I show how to extract business logic from your apps into testable classes, and write unit tests in Flutter.

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